Happy Earth Day! (Quiz & Giveaway)

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 21, 2011

Updated 2: Congrats to Helen P. for winning a copy of 3-D Explorer: Planet Earth.

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Celebrate Earth Day with your kids! Take an incredible journey through the natural world with 3-D Explorer: Planet Earth, where extraordinary see-through scenes, astonishing images, diagrams, and five dazzling pop-up scenes bring the secrets of our planet to life.

Parents, test your knowledge about our planet and email your answers to SilverDolphin.blog@gmail.com by May 6th, 2011, midnight PST, for a chance to win a copy of 3-D Explorer: Planet Earth. [Contest closed.]

1. The ________ is 93 million miles away from the Earth.
2. ________ cover more than 70 percent of Earth’s surface.
3. ________ erupt red-hot lava that forms mountain-shaped structures.
4. Earth’s landscapes are continually changing as ice, wind, and water very gradually wear away rocks at the surface. This process is called ________.
5. The regular pattern of weather and temperature in a region is known as the ________.
6. Scientists divide the Earth into ________, or major geographical regions dominated by a particular type of vegetation, such as forest or grassland.
7. The three main types of rocks are igneous, ________, and metamorphic rocks.
8. Millions of years ago, during a vast time span called the Mesozoic era, ________ dominated the Earth.
9. ________ is one of the main forces that shape the Earth’s surface, sculpting amazing landscapes such as the Rocky Mountains.
10. ________ are whirling funnels of air that form below thunderclouds.

Match each of the blanks above with
a word from the list below:

A. Oceans
B. sedimentary
C. Erosion
D. Sun
E. water
F. Biomes
G. Tornadoes
H. dinosaurs or reptiles
I. Volcanoes
J. Climate


All images from 3-D Explorer: Planet Earth by Silver Dolphin Books.

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