Going On a Bug Hunt

By Silver Dolphin Books on September 7, 2011

Kids love learning about the bugs and insects.  Who is not enamored by the beauty of the butterfly and the social habits of the bees?  Summertime is a great time to go on a bug hunt!

Encourage your kids to go on their own bug hunt with a few tools:

1.  Magnifying glass to get a good luck at the bugs

2. A small net to catch them

3. A small container to observe them

Their search can be conducted in a variety of ways, but have them start by thinking of some bugs they would like to catch.  Look the bugs up in a book or favorite website.

Did you know:

  • There is a difference between bugs and insects?  A bug is a particular type of insect.  Insect’s bodies generally consist of three parts.  Bug bodies may have any number of segments.  There is a difference between bugs and insects, however the differences may be so minute that most people may not be able to detect the small distinctions between them.
  • Butterflies and moths are unable to chew food.  Instead, their tongues are shaped like drinking straws to suck up liquids from flowers, rotting fruit and even dung.
  • Bluebottles, sometimes called Blowflies, are usually metallic blue or green.  They are attracted to dead animals and dung, but will also land on human food, where they sometimes lay their eggs.  Using their sponge-like mouth parts, they lap up fluids, spreading germs as they go.
  • The Cicada is an herbivore (plant eater).  Its mouth parts pierce a plant’s stem and act like a straw, allowing the insect to suck up the sap.
  • Honeybee nests are called hives, and may contain as many as 80,000 bees.  There is only one queen in the hive.  She lays up to 2,000 eggs a day!

What kind of bug and insect facts can you discover around your neighborhood?

You can learn more about the animals around us In Maurice Pledger’s beautifully illustrated “Explore” series, fun facts as these are at your fingertips.  The series includes:

Explore: Underwater

Explore: Bugs

Explore: Reptiles


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