Happy World Penguin Day!

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 25, 2013

PenguinToday is World Penguin Day! A day we celebrate the majestic, flightless bird of the south.

While days like like this may seem a little silly, it’s a great way to teach your kids more about specific animals! Here are a few ideas of how to celebrate this day.

Dress Like A Penguin: Have your kids pick out clothes that make them “look like a penguin” – get the camera ready and see what they come up with!

Eat Like A Penguin: What do penguins eat? Do a little “research” with your child then come up with a fun dinner idea – maybe fish and mashed potatoes? Or how about these adorable penguin olive snacks?

Do a Penguin-tastic Craft: Pinterest is our go-to for all things crafty! Check out our World Penguin Day board for a few art project ideas and even a few printables for your child to color.

Read About Penguins: Of course we’re going to suggest reading! There are so many great books about penguins available that you have a lot to chose from. Non-Fiction books are great sources of information and contain so many interesting facts on animals for kids of all ages. One of our newest books, Slide and Discover Animal Atlas features  different kinds of penguins with facts such as:

– Emperor penguin baby chicks can eat around 30% of their body weight at each meal

– Emperor penguin parents can find their chick in a herd by their unique high-pitched calls

Do you use “holidays” like these as a learning experiment? What type of activities do you do? 


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