Raise a Reader! Reading with your 0-6 month old.

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 4, 2013

Raise-a-Reader-Series-ImageHere at Silver Dolphin, passion for reading is evident in every employee and for those of us with children, we hope to raise our families to have this same love of books. While it’s never too late to bond with your child over a book, introducing books to new babies and infants can set the stage for a life long love of learning.

There are several benefits to reading with your baby. For the 0-6 month age range this is an especially important time for language development and learning speech rhythms. It’s less about what you’re reading, and more about the fact they are close to you and hearing the tone and inflections of your voice. Over time, reading will help improve their vocabulary, concentration and imagination!

At this age, high-contrast pictures or simple interactive elements are best. Your baby’s brain will be stimulated by the sounds, colors and textures and will help them develop an understanding of the world around them. Since infants don’t have much of an attention span, a few minutes of reading or several pages is all you need. The more you read, the more they will understand the process. Babies at this age love repetition, so don’t feel bad if your book collection is small.

Developing early reading habits will payoff throughout life. Looking for new books to read with your baby? We love:

Our “Raise a Reader” blog series offers up tips, discussion points and recommendations on reading with your child from infant to 12 years of age. Stay tuned over the next month as we bring you more in this series! 


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