Raise a Reader! Reading with your 1-2 year old.

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 18, 2013

Raise-a-Reader-Series-ImageWelcome to part three of our Raise a Reader blog series! Today we explore reading to toddlers ages 1-2 years old; a really fun age where the child is excited about and understands reading a bit more than their infant years.

Reading to your 1-2 year old child sets the stage for becoming an independent reader. It builds literacy skills, such as:

– Building a large vocabulary.
– Learning about words and different sounds that make up each word (phonemic awareness).
– Learning their letters, numbers and colors.
– Starting to grasp that those “scribbles” on each page represents words and sounds.

At this age, reading with your child continues to build the bond the two of you share. Many books not only introduce the child to the world around them, but tackle real-life situations they may soon encounter like the potty, a sibling or pet, or a big move.

When reading with your toddler, be sure to heavily involve them in the process. Finishing the book is less important than the interactions you have during the activity. You may only get through a few pages! Ask questions or ask them to point to the pictures and things around the room represented in the book. Sing, make noises, and in general don’t be afraid to get silly!

We love to hear about families fostering an early love of books in their home. What are your tips for reading with your children?

Looking for new books to read with your toddler? We love:

Our “Raise a Reader” blog series offers up tips, discussion points and recommendations on reading with your child from infant to 12 years of age. Stay tuned over the next month as we bring you more in this series! Check out Part 1 (reading with your 0-6 month old and Part 2 (reading with your 6-12 month old).

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