Raise a Reader! Reading with your 6-12 month old.

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 11, 2013

Raise-a-Reader-Series-ImageHere at Silver Dolphin, we are thrilled at the recent release of our new Play-Doh brand board books. Bright, engaging photos and content make these the perfect gifts and books for your young child. These books sparked the passion behind our Raise a Reader blog series! We last explored benefits and tips for reading with your infant and today we look at reading with your 6-12 month old…

Six to twelve months is when babies really start understanding you and the world around them. They start associating words with their meanings, especially for common things like members of their family and everyday items (“doggie” or “milk”). Reading now becomes more of an interactive experience and more fun for both parent and child.  The more they read, the more their vocabulary expands.

When reading to your baby, point to the objects and pictures. Be animated! Your child will love when you act out voices and sounds and will most likely try to mimic you. Ask lots of questions and give her time to respond. This back and forth helps her learn basic social skills. If your child doesn’t want to sit still, try reading in the bathtub or at mealtime! Keep in mind it’s not about how long you read together, rather how often. Keeping it a short and pleasant experience is the goal, and slowly the length of time that your baby can sit still will increase.

At this age, lift the flap books and interactive books are extra engaging and help develop dexterity. Board and bath books are also perfect for this age; children may put the books in their mouths, which actually shows that they are interested in the item.

Remember, if you show enthusiasm when reading, your child will too! If you’re looking for new books to read with your baby, here are a few of our favorites:

Our “Raise a Reader” blog series offers up tips, discussion points and recommendations on reading with your child from infant to 12 years of age. Stay tuned over the next month as we bring you more in this series!


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