Make a Trip to the Zoo a Learning Experience!

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 3, 2013

Learning_ZooWith warming weather (in some parts!) and baby animals peeking out, spring is a great time to hit your local zoos. While with young children a trip to the zoo is more about noise and colors, but school-age kids are at the best age to learn about the eating habits and habitats of the various animals of the world.

Why not take that learning experience to a creative level by incorporating activity books into your trip? Here are some tips to make the zoo more than just an excuse to get out of the house:

1)   Create a Scavenger hunt:

Using your local zoo’s online map, put together a mini-hunt for things that your kids need to find, see or do while at the zoo. Collect leaves, seek out key words or pick-up trash to earn points towards rewards like ice cream or little trinkets like the fun puzzle erasers found in our AmazErasers: Zoo book!

2)   Type up clues or riddles to take you to the next exhibit:

End the “What do you want to see next?” debate by planning out your day – and making your kids figure out what to see next through clues and riddles. Fun rhymes such as “I live in trees down south of the equator – I’m not a bear and I’m not an alligator!” will have your kids dashing from animal-to-animal.

3)   Get creative:

Collect stamps, doodle and animal or draw a picture of all the different habitats you see while on your visit. Use a fun activity book like Stamps & Doodles: Animals to add to the excitement.

What is your favorite activity to do at the zoo?

AmazErasers: Zoo is the latest title in the popular AmazEraser line. With adorable little animal puzzle erasers,  48-page activity book, 16 reusable stickers and colored pencils, kids can create their own safari scenes and even their own zoos!

Stamps and Doodles: Animals comes with eight foam stamps, black ink pad and a 64-page activity book that will keep kids busy being creative for hours.


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