Summer at the Beach! 4 Great Sea Animal Activity Books For Your Summer Vacation

By Silver Dolphin Books on June 19, 2013

For many of us summer time means beach time. Whether you are lucky enough to live by a coast – or lucky enough to take a vacation to one – we have the perfect book to get your kids excited about exploring the ocean.

For the Little Ones:

61FXjn1b5LL._SX300_Sometimes the ocean can seem big and scary to little kids. Get them excited to hit the beach by teaching them all about the beautiful creatures that live under the water.

Read and Play: Under the Sea

This 4-board book plus puzzle set is a great way to introduce young kids to the beautiful animals of the ocean. Hang out with Turtle, Dolphin, Octopus and Clown Fish as they frolic and play around the reefs and beaches.

Nature Trails: In the Ocean

Back by popular demand, the Nature Trails series by Maurice Pledger takes kids into the lives and habitats of animals with beautiful illustrations and adorable story lines. In the Ocean follows Little Dolphin on an adventure as he learns to not travel too far away from his family and get lost again. Each page has an ocean themed touch-and-feel experience for little hands to actually “feel” what animals and sea objects feel like!

For Older Kids:

Older kids have more questions about the animals and mysteries of the ocean. Help them to explore deeper and learn all about the sea with these great activity sets.

512FhwnqG3L._SY300_Animal Adventures: Ocean

With fact cards, plastic animals and a 40-page book, Animal Adventures: Ocean provides a foundation for appreciating the powerful ocean. Kids can read about the animals then use the box, figures and reusable stickers to create their own underwater adventure.

Color and Play: Sea Creatures

With Color and Play: Sea Creatures children get an introduction to where the amazing ocean animals live, their typical size, their life span, and many of their special features. Children can then color the model pieces, punch them out, and fit them together to build a blue-ringed octopus, a great white shark, a green sea turtle, and a red lionfish. This kit includes 10 colored pencils, 29 model pieces and a removable underwater diorama.


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