Easy & Fun Fall Children’s Crafts

By Silver Dolphin Books on October 1, 2013

Fall-Childrens-Craft-Image-Sept2013We’ve been seeing a ton of social updates about pumpkin lattes, hearty stews and the changing color of leaves… It’s definitely fall! It’s obvious we’re not the only ones loving everything that comes along with the fall season, and so we thought we would share a few of our favorite fall crafts that that parents can do with their children, sourced from around the web.

– If your home could use a bit of decorating, fill your windows with Stained Glass Leaves courtesy Having Fun at Home. We love the simplicity of this: all that’s required are wax paper, crayons, a cheese grater and an iron.

Fall garland, from Pickle Bums, is another easy and festive way to decorate your house. Perfect for preschoolers and you can use items found both in nature and around the house.

– Forget about a wreath on your front door, instead create a beautiful Family Sign (from Spoonful.com). This is a great craft for families with kids of all ages; everyone can participate by finding twigs for the sign and helping to form the letters of your last name.

– If you’re into sensory activities, fall brings great opportunities for play! Try our PLAY-DOH Halloween Craft kit and sculpt your favorite spooky creatures or build a Fall Sensory Tub like No Time for Flashcards did, with popcorn kernels and other autumn toys!

– Serve up some Donut Hole Acorns at your next gathering with friends and family. Come Together Kids walks you though it step-by-step and all you need is donut holes, pretzel sticks, chocolate frosting and chopping nuts.

– If your kids love painting but you don’t love the mess, try Q-Tip painting and create Fall Q-Tip trees! This isn’t as messy, and kids of all ages will love making different colored dots on their tree. For the Love of Naps has some great photos to get you excited.

Do you have any favorite fall children’s crafts ideas?


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