Fire Prevention Day – Free Coloring Sheet!

By Silver Dolphin Books on October 9, 2013

Today, Fire Prevention Day, is a great opportunity to talk with your children about how to prevent fires and be safe from a fire, whether at home, school or in public.

Start the conversation at home with our free firetruck coloring sheet, from our Pretend & Play: Firefighter book.

Firetruck Coloring Sheet Thumbnail

Download it now!

While your child is coloring, start the conversation about fire safety:

  1. How to prevent fires
    • Don’t cook without an adult
    • Keep items like towels and toys away from candles and the stove
    • Don’t set things on a lamp
    • Never play with matches
  2. Fire safety
    • Where the smoke detectors are at home
    • How to avoid burns
    • Your escape route for home and school
    • Create a family escape plan, including a safe place for your family to meet in an emergency

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