7 Tips on Teaching Kids to Tell Time, Plus Free Time-Telling Activity Sheets!

By Silver Dolphin Books on October 22, 2013

Learning-Adventures-Oct2013School is in full swing, and kids all over are learning the basics of reading, writing and other important life skills. At Silver Dolphin we are big fans of activity workbooks, both for fun and educational purposes. We know many parents look for ways to supplement what their children learn at school, which is why we’re excited to introduce our new My Learning Adventures 123 perfect for kids ages 3-5 years.

Today we’re offering four free time-telling activity sheets from this new workbook, along with some tips on teaching your kids to tell time.


Here are 7 tips on getting started with teaching kids to tell time:

  1. Make sure your child has a basic understanding of time. Seconds vs. minutes vs. hours vs. days.
  2. Compare lengths of time to things they are familiar with. “We are leaving for the party in one hour. That’s like watching two of your favorite cartoon shows.”
  3. Work with them on recognizing numbers. They will need to know 1-60 in order to tell time.
  4. Have both digital and traditional clocks in your home, and refer to both when talking about time. “Dinner will be served when the little hand is on the six and the long hand is on the twelve.”  Encourage your child to check the clock.
  5. Make a simple Paper Plate Clock that they can manually adjust. Discuss the different parts and numbers on it.
  6. Teach the idea of hours and minutes, and allow the child to move the hands of a clock to different positions.
  7. Reinforce your discussions with hands-on activities and worksheets.

Time-Telling-Worksheet-ImagesFree Time-Telling Worksheets!

Once your child some grasp on telling time, let them test their skills with these free pages from our My Learning Adventures 123 book! Download them now [PDF].

More About My Learning Adventures 123
Get stuck on numbers with this learning adventure. Lay the foundation for mastering mathematics by learning counting and basic addition. Appealing to every type of learning style–using colors, shapes, word searches, and interactive play–My Learning Adventures: 123 is a must-have for preschoolers.  ISBN: 978-1607106289.


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