5 Recycled Book Craft Ideas For Your Home

By Silver Dolphin Books on November 26, 2013

Book-Crafts-Dec2013If you’re like us, throwing away old books is a last resort option… They hold treasured stories, beloved characters and relationships with people that seem real. But there comes a day when it’s time to recycle those stories and bring new life to them. Pinterest has helped make this process easier and more fun, by showcasing a ton of creative book craft ideas.

Here are 5 of our favorite book crafts ideas:

  1. Wall Letters with Picture Book Images. This craft doesn’t use the actual pages, rather photo copies of their favorite parts. Take store bought cardboard letters, and mod podge your favorite scenes so the letters are covered in these images. The linked example shows beautiful “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” letters perfect for a child’s room.
  2. Wreath made from Recycle Book Pages. This may win for most affordable craft at only $1! Curled up book pages create small rose-looking flowers covering a simple foam mold. While it takes some time and work, the results of this wreath are absolutely beautiful.
  3. Book Pumpkins. This unique fall decoration beats any store-bought pumpkin out there! Most of the items needed can be found at home to create this pumpkin made from an old, thick book. Customize it with light spray paint, fall leaves at the top or a cute ribbon.
  4. Framed Book Images. Simple and elegant, this example shows framed black and white plant images taken from an old book. It adds interest to the room at a very affordable price. This could also work for favorite children’s books or scenes too.
  5. Book Page Necklace. This necklace is unique and pretty, and it looks like even a novice jewelry creator could attempt it. Use a meaningful book with your favorite quotes to really make it personal.

Next time you see a book that is damaged don’t write it off completely; take a page from this post and try to create a custom book craft that will give the story new life.

Have you ever tried a book craft?


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