5 Ways to Encourage Children to Love Science

By Silver Dolphin Books on January 15, 2014

Encourage-Kids-to-Love-Science-JAN2014Children are naturally curious, which lends itself well to learning about science and our world. Unfortunately as they grow, some kids shy away from the topic. Get them excited again with these tips on how to encourage children to love science.

  1. Hands-on learning. Younger kids learn best by doing. Look up experiments online or buy fun kits that they can experiment with, as opposed to just reading about how things work. Actually seeing the concept versus reading about it will make them retain the information longer.
  2. Always encourage questions, and take it one step further. If your child asks a question about their world or how things work, in addition to answering the question find a way to continue that conversation. Maybe it’s looking up a YouTube video of how it works or reading more about it, but teach them that inquisitiveness, curiosity and learning are a wonderful thing! Just remember to keep it appropriate to their age-level and not too complicated.
  3. Take advantage of their interests. If your child is into sports, animals, television or games there are ways science conversations can be incorporated. The formula of how a baseball is hit or research into ball speed. How a computer works or how animals differ from humans. Look to them for hints on where to start.
  4. Use the world around you and everyday experiences. Cooking dinner, walking to school, music and art all incorporate science. How a musical instrument works, how water boils, nature topics and more are all fun and conversational topics that don’t always seem like forced learning.
  5. Let them get messy! Provide opportunities for your child to explore their world in a safe yet “free play” type of way. Digging in mud, water play, taking things apart and helping build stuff are all science disguised as fun. Look up simple experiments online; there are some that have a big “wow” factor that also teach fun concepts.

All parents hope to inspire a love of learning in their kids. Encourage children to love science with these tips, and also check out products that make the job easier, such as:

And most importantly, have fun!


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