New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Families

By Silver Dolphin Books on January 2, 2014

NewYearsResolutionsForFamiliesJAN14As we begin a new year, it’s common to set fresh goals and resolutions with the hopes of being a better version of our current self.  Personal goals are important, but setting resolutions as a family is also a fun and important way to teach children the importance of making positive changes, reflecting on ones self and goal setting.

Not only do we have a few great New Year’s Resolutions for families, but fun ideas to display them in your home in order to stay motivated and keep the idea top-of-mind.

To start, ask your family “What can we do together this year?” Think about different categories and ways you can goal-set: health, social, financial, community, spiritual and so on.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Families

  1. Giving time to others. Family volunteer activities are becoming more and more popular, and can be as simple as visiting your local park to pick up trash together. The key is doing it together!
  2. Saving up for something. Fiscal responsibility is an important lesson on it’s own, but setting a goal to work towards can be fun and a good reminder for everyone. Be it a vacation, special outing or even something new or fun for the home teaches valuable lessons in saving, budgeting and working together.
  3.  Personal changes. Show your children that it’s good to self-reflect and think of ways to better your current situation, be it attitude, health or personal habits. Have each family member choose one thing they want to work on in the new year. Including a fruit or veggie with every meal, listening the first time when asked, less TV, or cleaning up more often are a few ones kids can understand and embrace.
  4. Time together. While an obvious “this is important” item, putting this on your resolution list can serve as a regular reminder to stop, say “no” to over-committing, and just make time to be together as a family. Whether is playing board games, reading books, doing art or going on a walk – make sure the hustle and bustle of everyday life doesn’t get in the way of important family time!
  5. Phone rules. A cell phones inch into every part of our lives (apps, games, scheduling, emails!) putting them down for awhile is healthy and necessary. By setting rules about this as a family, it shows kids that mom and dad can step away and that family time is important. In this day and age, an official resolution may be the only way to get your child to put the technology away!

Take time each month to reflect on progress and discuss how you can keep each other motivated. Be sure to encourage your children often for their progress! To serve as a visual and regular reminder, considering posting your family resolutions in your home:

  • Design a pretty sign listing your resolutions and have the kids help decorate it.
  • Hang a chalkboard in a common area and have them listed there.
  • Type up your list in a pretty font and colors and frame it. Each year you can add a new list to the front and reflect back on what you’ve accomplished in previous years.
  • If you want to get super crafty, create your own magnets with a different family goal in each one. Instructions here.

Share with us…. What are your family’s new year’s resolutions?



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