Reading Rewards for Children

By Silver Dolphin Books on January 8, 2014

Reading-Rewards-Jan2014Do you offer reading rewards in your home? With the rise of technology and less outdoor time, more and more parents are finding creative ways to reward their children for spending more time in front of a book rather than a screen.

Most teachers require a certain amount of reading each night, but above and beyond that can be hard to get out of kids. Here are three reading reward ideas if you’re looking to motivate your child to read more:

  1. One minute of reading equals one minute of screen time. Plain and simple, this reward states that to get that coveted time with the tablet, computer, video game system or even television, you first have to earn it by spending time reading.
  2. The online service offers a program to help parents (and teachers) and children work out a system for reading in their home. Parents can set goals and state rewards, and the children record their progress online. Parents can check in at any time. Rewards can be anything from screen time to a special date night with a parent or even a gift card.
  3. Local programs. Often times local libraries or book stores offer summer programs to encourage children to keep reading while school is out. If a certain goal is met they can earn a free book or special prize. These programs are great because they reward reading with more to read!

If you’re looking for charts to track your child’s reading progess, there are a ton of great ideas on Pinterest.

Rewarding for reading isn’t for everyone; some parents want their children to develop a love of reading without extra incentive. But for when that isn’t working, it’s good to have some ideas in your back pocket that may help your child foster an interest in books that wasn’t there before.

Do you offering reading rewards for your kids?


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