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By Silver Dolphin Books on January 29, 2014

Young-Writers-Jan2014Do you have a young writer on your hands? If your child is interested in writing and/or storytelling, this is a curiosity you definitely want to encourage.

With a child as the storyteller, they gain benefits including:

  1. Enriching their writing and learning about the patterns of text
  2. Develops their creativity and imagination
  3. Helps develop shared experiences and emotions
  4. Deal with real-life situations
  5. And more!

There are various resources for young writers available to parents to get kids started with writing and storytelling:

  1. Mini Book Template. This first grade teacher offers free mini book templates for kids ages 4-7, with pages pre-designed and space for a picture and words.
  2. Storyboard Template. For older kids or those interested in just a picture book, starting with a storyboard is a good learning experience and process to go through or can be a great start to a picture book. This site offers a simple layout to get the basic outline done before moving on to the actual drawings/story.
  3. For kids 6+, the Lego website offers an awesome Comic Builder. Create a comic book with their templates and drop-in images. Your child can add text and create the story on their own.
  4. If your child loves to write but doesn’t know what to write about, try introducing them to online writing games. These interactive writing games offer several activities that are fun, but also make kids think about their topic and what’s compelling to others. Advertising slogans, newspaper articles, online debates and letter writing can all help improve vocabulary and storytelling.
  5. If your child is regularly writing and interested in furthering their hobby, check out this list of resources including writing contests, prompts, writing groups for kids, magazine subscriptions for the young author and more.

Most importantly, just give young writers the time and encouragement to tell their story!


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