Get Your Kids Excited About National Library Week

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 10, 2014

Natl-Library-Week-Apr2014National Library Week, April 13-19, 2014, may not be a huge holiday in your home, but it’s definitely one worth celebrating!

Beyond the most obvious way of commemorating – by visiting your local library – here are other ways you can recognize this fun week.

  • National Library Workers Day is April 15 of that week. If the library is an important part of your family’s life, encourage your child to make cards for the library workers in their neighborhood or for their librarian at their school. This small act of kindness will be greatly appreciated!
  • Do something new at your local library. Take a class, visit a different section, bring your child to a book reading, or if you’re usually in a rush, just go and sit and enjoy the quiet, tranquil space.
  • Donate books to your child’s school library or their classroom.
  • Have your child write up a book list with books they hope to read one day. Set them free in the library to develop this list on their own.
  • Pick five books from your library to bring home and read one a night during the week. Each nigh, take the opportunity to share with your child a different way that libraries benefit communities:

– They offer resources and computer access to those that may not have it at home.
– There are things in libraries that can’t be found on the Internet. Microfiche, for one! Libraries are great for historical research.
– Access to information that you may otherwise have to pay for, such as subscriptions to major newspapers like the New York Times.
– E-books, DVDs, magazines and more materials than one person will ever have in their house.
– They save us money! Libraries provide access to more books than we could every buy or fit into our homes.

If the library has had a profound impact on your families live, the American Library Association invites you to tweet or Instagram with the #LivesChange hashtag to share your photo or story. Take a library selfie or share a photo of your child immersed in a book and help spread the good word about how libraries help our community! You could even win a Kindle Fire by participating!

Leave a comment – how do you plan on recognizing National Library Week?


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