Learn Fun Facts About Our Planet for Earth Day!

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 16, 2014

Earth-Day-Apr2014If your kids are like many children we know, the questions never stop coming and sometimes they stump us with their inquisitiveness. Bring on the questions and encourage the learning this month for Earth Day on April 22! Take time to talk with your kids about our planet, solar system, taking care of where we live and more, and see what questions they have for you.

Get the conversations rolling with these fun facts. Plus, if your want to take the conversation further, Silver Dolphin has books about our planet perfect for homeschooling and kids who are thirsty for more information!

Fun Facts About Earth for Earth Day!

  • There are really only 23 hours, 56 minutes, and four seconds in a day, not 24 hours. On Mars, a day is 24 hours and 37 minutes long.
  • The continents move about 2 cm every year.
  • A human being can survive in space for 2 minutes, unprotected.
  • 90% of trash in the world’s oceans is plastic.
  • Up to 1 million species live in the world’s oceans, and 2/3 haven’t been discovered!
  • From a distance, Earth would be the brightest of the planets. This is because sunlight is reflected off the planet’s water.
  • The earth isn’t a perfect circle. It’s slightly flattened on the North and South poles, and it’s actual shape is Oblate Spheroid.
  • The sun-rays reached at the earth in 8 minutes & 3 seconds.
  • There is no physical place where Earth’s atmosphere stops and space begins; the air just gets thinner and thinner and eventually fades away. The official height above the Earth’s surface considered to be where space begins—called the Kármán line—is at an altitude of 100 km. Anyone who gets higher than that is considered an astronaut. (Source: Slate.com.)

Educational Books About Earth and Our World

Earth Day 2014 is all about creating green cities. Watch this video to learn what that means and how your family can play a part!


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