8 Creative Sick Day Ideas for Kids

By Silver Dolphin Books on May 13, 2014

SickDayIdeas-Apr2014Most sick days are spent lounging around, watching cartoons or a movie, resting and desperately trying to feel better. But some kids can only handle so much television or parents are looking for something else for their child to do, so we bring you these fun ideas on how to entertain your child on a sick day.

Sick Day Ideas for Kids

  1. Go beyond the normal book, and look into doodling books. These types of books usually give kids a prompt or start to a picture, and they have to finish it. They types of books are great to have on hand for sick days and long car rides.
  2. Build a tent nowhere near the television, and fill it with games, stuffed animals and books.
  3. Let your child paint the bathtub with watercolor paint. Baths are good for feverish kids, and this will help entertain them and keep them in the water longer.
  4. Make popsicles out of Gatorade or Pedialite.
  5. Set up a scavenger hunt. If you child has enough energy, make a list (or pictures of items) they need to find around the house. Themes can be fun: items they need when sick, colors of the rainbow, things daddy loves, etc.
  6. If they need some fresh air, let them loose in the backyard to sit quietly with chalk or a shovel and dirt.
  7. Random art. Find a bunch of random materials your child can create with, and set them loose with that and glue. Ribbons, glitter, dried pasta, dried leaves, construction paper, buttons, stickers… be creative and encourage them to think of what they can add to their art!
  8. Have them write letters or draw pictures to mail to family or friends.

Sick days are no fun, but creating a comforting, safe and loving environment will have everyone back to the normal routine quickly and with fond memories of sick days with mom or dad.


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