Road Trip Car Games for Kids

By Silver Dolphin Books on June 24, 2014

Road-Trip-Car-Games-June2014Summer is in full swing, and whether you’re staying close to home or venturing out for an adventure, most families will find themselves looking for ideas to entertain the kids on those long car rides. Have a few road trip car games ready to go, so the minute you hear “I’m bored!” you’re equipped with ideas to combat it!

10 Road Trip Car Games for Kids

  1. Road Trip Bingo. Print a few road trip Bingo sheets and have them hidden in your glove compartment. You can even be ready with a few prizes for the winners!
  2. The License Plate Game. Try and spot license plates from as many of the 50 states as you can. The person who finds the most wins! To score points, you have to be the first person to see the plate.
  3. Family Storytelling. Get the whole family involved with this fun game. Have one person start telling a story about anything they want. They tell one line of the story, and then the next person picks up from where they left off and tells another line. Each person gets a turn and it can go on for as long as you like. Continue the fun afterwards by having your kids illustrate the story or create a little book!
  4. Unfortunately/Fortunately. Love this idea from the How Stuff Works team. Have one person make a statement about something unfortunate. Another person has to counter it with a positive answer, the funnier or crazier the better. “Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the ocean with a hole in my boat.” Next person: “Fortunately, I’m the World’s Best Swimmer and will just swim 850 miles to shore.”
  5. Alphabet Hunt. A simple game, each person tries to spot the letters of the alphabet, in order. Find the letters by looking a license plates, signs, billboards or even items in the car. The first person to get from A to Z, wins. Once a letter is spotted, it can’t count for the next person.
  6. Cow Poker. From AOL Autos: “First off: this is only about counting cows. Players are divided into left side and right side, and the two sides count the cows they see on their side of the road. If you drive by a cemetery, then the team on the same side as the cemetery loses all of its cows and has to start over from zero. In its original bovine form, this game is probably best played in the remaining parts of the country where cows still roam. Nevertheless, you’re even less likely to find cows and cemeteries on the same stretch of highway anymore, so you can substitute objects like billboards or tractors for cows, and a particular-yet-rare gas station, like Esso or Gulf, for the cemetery.”
  7. Would You Rather. Young or old can participate in this fun game. One person asks the question, and all the other people in the car have to answer. Would you rather be really hairy or completely bald? Would you rather be the parent or the child? Would you rather eat a bowl of bugs or a bowl of toenail clippings?
  8. Silly Signs. One person picks a somewhat common sign or item for the game (a stop sign, a billboard, a windmill, etc), and then a makes up a fun gesture. Each time the sign or item is spotted; each person in the car has to do that silly gesture. If you do the gesture and you’re not the last person to do so, you get 1 point. The last person to make the gesture loses one point. Work up to 20 points or an agreed upon number.
  9. The Grocery Game. The first person starts by naming something that can be found at the grocery store that starts with the letter “A,” like apples. The second player has to repeat that item, and add the next item, only moving on to the letter “B.” And so on, trying to get all the way to “Z.” So the fourth player would say, “Apples, bananas, candy… And deodorant.” If you can’t remember an item, you’re out! Feel free to switch out the grocery topic for another like animals or movies (tough, because of long titles!).
  10. That’s My Car! Have each person in the vehicle choose his or her car from the next five cars you pass (once a car is “claimed” it can’t be chosen by another person). Everyone has to decide who then has the coolest car. Make this game more fun by encouraging people to give their car a “story” and award points each time a person wins.

Along with these fun road trip car games, make sure to load up with new apps, doodling and activity books and movies to make your road trip one to remember. Your kids will grow up with fond memories of road trips with the family.


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