Summer Reading Bingo

By Silver Dolphin Books on June 5, 2014

Keeping kids motivated to read and stay engaged in learning over the summer can be a tough chore for parents. Last week we shared a few awesome Summer Reading Programs to reward kids for their hard work. We also suggested creating your own program, based on what motivates your child. One customizable program is our Summer Reading Bingo!

Summer Reading Bingo

Summer Reading Bingo

No parent wants reading to become a chore for his or her child. Instilling a love of reading is so important in creating a lifelong love of learning and books. This summer, decide what reward your child deserves for their reading and make them work towards that goal with our Summer Reading Bingo.

The Bingo sheet is filled with fun ways to read, no matter your child’s gender or age. Set a goal at the top, and state rewards at the bottom. Younger kids may deserve their reward after getting five in a row (Bingo!) but older kids may be able to work towards a Blackout prize (covering the full board).

No matter how you encourage your child to read, have fun with it this summer!

Download the Summer Reading Bingo now.


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