Creating Fun Back-to-School Traditions

By Silver Dolphin Books on August 7, 2014

Whether you’re rejoicing or dreading the thought of your kids returning to school this fall, it is an exciting time that deserves celebrating. Creating fun back-to-school traditions for your family will make this time of year one the kids look forward to and look back on with fond memories. Here are some of our favorite back-to-school traditions to bring excitement and cheer to this time of year.

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  1. Back-to-school interviews.  Have your child complete these fun and free first day of school interviews (from Perfectly Splendid). There are questionnaires from preschool through twelfth grade, and even follow-up interviews for the final day of school. Compile these in a binder with accompanying photos and you’ll have created a wonderful keepsake to chronicle the changing interests and friends as they mature.
  2. Breakfast of their dreams. Surprise your kids on the first day of school with the breakfast of their dreams. Donuts, a special cereal, chocolate milk, fancy straws, balloons and streamers… Kick off their day with a bang. After all, it is only once a year!
  3. After-school fun. If fancy breakfasts aren’t your thing, create something to look forward to once the first day is done. An ice cream party with friends, a massive water balloon fight or even just letting the kids choose a special dinner or restaurant to eat out at. Let them know this day is an important milestone and worth celebrating their growth.
  4. A special book. Choose a book with special meaning or a special message to read every year on the night before the first day of school. Dr. Suess’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” is a great one. No matter your child’s age, they will enjoy this special book even as they grow into their teen years.
  5. Lunch box jokes. Leave fun notes or jokes in you child’s lunch. It’s a simple gesture that lets them know you’re thinking about them. We like these cute farm-themed jokes (from Portable Press).
  6. First day drop-off party. This one is more for the moms! After the kids have been dropped off, host a little get-together at your home or even a local coffee shop to celebrate another year starting.

No matter what you do, your kids will look back on the first day of school as something to look forward to and celebrate.

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