5 Websites to Spark Creativity in Kids

By Silver Dolphin Books on October 21, 2014

Websites-for-Creativity-Oct2014Children today are growing up in a connected society, and it’s often a challenge to find websites that parents can trust and that will grow kids minds in positive ways. Websites that encourage creative thinking are a great use of time spent online, and today we bring you some of our favorite creativity websites for children.

Most of these sites are meant for ages 6+, but with parental supervision from you (always recommended) these tools offer a great experience for families with kids of all ages to sit together and enjoy the computer and learning at the same time.

5 Websites to Spark Creativity in Kids

  1. For the young writer.
    Storybird, a place for “writers, readers, and artists of all ages.” This site allows users to create their own stories and read ones that others have written. The drag-and-drop platform is easy for children to use to create and tell their own stories. Another similar option is WeMakeStories.com.
  2. For the artist.
    Shidonni. This site has won many “Best Pick” awards, and is a place kids can create their own pets, worlds, galaxies and more. It’s like an online “pen and paper” for them to create whatever they want.
  3. For the music lover.
    Incredibox. An online human beatbox, this site allows kids to play around with different beats, effects, melodies and voices. It’s easy to use and the visuals are fun too.
  4. For the young computer whiz.
    Scratch, a project designed by MIT, helps young people learn to “think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.” Meant for kids 8+, it teaches basic programming with a fun, interactive interface. For younger kids, another great resource is Daisy the Dinosaur.
  5. For the curious child.
    DIY is a site filled with user-generated skills and challenges where kids can learn about anything they’re interested in. For example, if your child is interested in archery, there are nine challenges they can complete to master the topic, including building a target and quiver.

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