The Best Starter Blogging Platforms for Kids

By Silver Dolphin Books on October 28, 2014

BloggingPlatformsForKids-Oct2014Children these days are passionate about technology, and we love hearing from parents about their kids combining a love of all things online with creative writing. Any computer time our children experience comes with concerns of online safety; and protecting their privacy is crucial. The number of kids who have started blogging, whether for fun or as a part of a school assignment, is on the rise.

If you’re a parent just starting off with younger kids, we recommend utilizing one of these free platforms designed with children and online safety in mind. Here are the best starter blogging platforms for kids, to help parents encourage and grow this hobby in smart ways.

  • KidzWorld claims to be the leading safe social network for kids, with full moderation in forums and chat rooms. Kids can create a blog, and also interact with other kids, all under an “imaginary name”. Their goal is “a safe haven for kids to enjoy, explore and learn from the world wide web.”
  • Edublogs is a popular blogging tool for teachers, but allows individuals to setup their own blogs too. Learning, collaboration and safety are all priorities. This is powered by WordPress, but meant for students and schools.
  • YourSphere offers different “spheres” for kids to post their thoughts and photos in, such as books, television, fashion and music. They can write, edit photos, share with friends and customize their profile. YourSphere for Parents is a tool to accompany the site and provides articles and news to “help families live healthy digital lives.”
  • Doodle Kit is an online website builder and blogging platform with great parental monitoring and control. Kids can experience a robust platform that includes blogging, photo albums and discussion forums. This site is meant for adults too; so the capabilities and options are plentiful.
  • Two of the most mainstream popular blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger (operated by Google), and are highly customizable and fairly simple to set up. Yet these aren’t specifically designed for young kids, so if you go this route keep in mind the companies aren’t monitoring activity and it’s up to you to protect privacy and oversee safe discussions and content.

Remember, with any blogging or online activity, talk to your kids about what is smart and sharable information and what isn’t. Keeping their real name, location and school private is a smart idea to protect their safety. Always know their login information and frequently check in on recent activity and conversations.

Blogging can be a great creative outlet and help improve reading, writing and typing skills. (Last week we featured some of the best websites to spark creativity in kids!). Have fun with it, and research the best starter blogging platform for kids before jumping in.


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  1. Franca Ellerman June 23, 2016 Reply

    Google and WordPress are 13+ in case you did not count ‘little kids’ as 13+ too.

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