Stories of Random Acts of Kindness

By Silver Dolphin Books on November 24, 2014

RandomActsofKindness-Stories-Nov2014Last week we held our 2nd Annual Random Acts of Kindness giveaway on Facebook. One of the days, we asked our fans to share one of the best random acts of kindness they had ever witnessed. Over 200 comments and stories were shared; it was so heart-warming we wanted to pick a few of our favorites to share here.

Enjoy! We hope these stories brighten your day and inspire you.

  • “The best act of kindness I’ve ever seen was at a grocery store checkout. A mom with a couple of small children was putting items back because she didn’t have enough money to cover it, and the gentleman behind her (in front of me) insisted on paying for the entire purchase – he even had the cashier ring up 4 more packs of diapers and sent his son to grab them off the shelf.”
    – Julie S.
  • “I used to work till after 10 and one of my neighbors (a guy in his 60s) came over with a personal alarm for me to use because he was worried about my safety because I had to work nights.” – Tina P.
  • “I observed a businessman who was wearing a beautiful warm winter coat and leather clothes take them off and hand them to a man who was panhandling along the sidewalk. He then walked away in just his shirt sleeves without waiting for any thanks or even a reply! And, believe me, it was very cold that day!” – Heidi C.
  • “A local man who mows lawns for a living always mows for Veterans for free, every week for the last few years about 12 lawns a week.” – Juanita M.
  • “A widow donated her wedding ring set (which was quite expensive) to a local auction/bbq to raise money for a child who had cancer!” – Zesty W.
  • “While waiting at a red light, an elderly couple were about to cross the crosswalk, one was blind. A man who was in the lane next to me, put his car in park and walked them safely across the street. It was one of the sweetest thing I have ever seen.” – Tandi C.
  • “We were at a park and a grandma was there hosting a birthday party for her grandson. She invited everyone at the park, perfect strangers, to share in the party, food, and games!” – Rachel H.
  • “After my dad passed away my mom had 5 mouths to feed other than her own. On Christmas Eve that first year we came home and our fridge was full. Still unsure who did it but it was one amazing blessing!” – Alex O.
  • “When I was working at the local Dunkin Donuts we had lots of random acts of kindness. In the drive-thru we had lines of people who would pay each others orders; one year at Christmas time I had a customer come inside and buy 10 gift cards with enough money on each of them to buy a large coffee and a donut. She said she was just handing them out to random people to get them into the Christmas spirit.” – Sarah S.
  • “I went to get my Christmas layaway out last year and while in line, there were 2 people who had their layaways paid for, by a Secret Santa. It was awesome to see in person!” – Rushell T.


  1. Josefin Björnberg February 29, 2016 Reply

    I would love to share one act of kindness story. Last week I saw one poor people who have not his own house. He was sharing own food with other needy people. I felt a guilty feeling for him then I contact “Engodhandling” Organization for his help.

  2. Josefin Björnberg March 10, 2016 Reply

    I love to read act of kindness stories. All the stories are very inspiring to me. It shows that one good act is needed a good heart and feelings.

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