Free 2015 Reading List Printable

By Silver Dolphin Books on December 16, 2014

2015 is almost here and many of us have started thinking about the personal goals we would like to tackle in the new year. Health and wellness, family life, personal growth, professional development… No matter what you choose, make sure to find a way to write down your goals so you have a visible and regular reminder on what you hope to accomplish.

Many of our fans set reading goals for the year, and we’ve created a fun printable to help both record the books you’ve read during the year but also track new ones you’re interested in reading.

2015 Book List

Download our 2015 Book List Printable and hang it in a place you can easily track your reading progress in 2015. One column is to track the books you’ve finished, the other to record books you’re interested in reading. Actual paper lists can sometime; be a better remind than one stored online or on your computer.

What are your 2015 reading goals?



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