Science Experiments From Our Scientriffic Series

By Silver Dolphin Books on January 15, 2015

Like most parents, we encourage boys and girls to learn through interactive activities and explore their world through science. Our Scientriffic Series offers experiments and hands-on activities that show, rather than tell, how the world around us works. Today we are excited to share three experiments for you to try at home!

Science Experiments

  • Make a Volcano (From Scientriffic: Planet Earth)
  • Freezing Points (From Scientriffic: Planet Earth)
  • Finding Faces (From Scientriffic: Optical Illusions)
    Encourage your kids to find objects that appear to have faces. Make a list or take pictures of the faces.

More About Our Scientriffic Series

Scientriffic Planet Earth - loweresScientriffic: Planet Earth
Discover the inner workings of our home planet and learn some fascinating science along the way! As young readers learn amazing facts and understand how our planet was formed and how weather, plate tectonics, and other natural forces affect our planet, they’ll be well on their way to becoming an expert on earth science. Scientriffic: Planet Earth is a terrific way to give children a step up in learning all about the planet we call home. Includes over 20 science experiment ideas plus 13 model pieces to build an interactive spinning globe.

Scientriffic Optical IllustionsScientriffic: Optical Illusions
A mind-blowing adventure into the world of optical illusions, this fascinating kit is a terrific way to get children excited about the brain and neuroscience. Scientriffic: Optical Illusions introduces amazing facts and astonishing examples of how the brain works with the sense of sight to create phenomena like blind spots, filling in the blank, mystery movements, seeing the invisible, and so much more. Using simple tools and principles, this fun book and experiment kit challenges budding scientists to think about all these things as they look at everything in life. Includes materials to build six mind-bending optical illusion models.

Roller Coaster ScienceScientriffic: Roller Coaster Science
Adventurous young learners will lose their marbles when they spend an afternoon with this fun set, all while learning some fascinating science along the way! Using a ball or marble and a small-scale ramp, children are introduced to amazing principles of physics like gravity, momentum, velocity, acceleration, friction, and centripetal force. A unique kit that introduce budding scientists to the fields of physics and engineering, Scientriffic: Roller Coaster Science challenges children to think about scientific principles as they ride on real roller coasters. Includes ideas for over 20 science experiments and 40 model pieces to build a coaster.

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