Colorful Chameleon Computer Desktop Wallpaper

By Silver Dolphin Books on February 17, 2015

One of the best parts of publishing is the beautiful and creative artwork found in children’s books. One such example is our new title, Amazing Animals: A Nature Adventure, illustrated by Peter David Scott, releasing this month. One of our favorite parts of the book is this bright and beautiful chameleon, which we’ve turned into a computer desktop wallpaper for you. This is a perfect way to welcome spring and bring a smile to the faces of your children.

Amazing Animals chameleon desktop wallpaper; available in several sizes. Download it today:


Download sizes:

Layout 1Peter David Scott’s richly detailed and colorful artwork brings the beauty of the natural world into your hands in this collection of amazing animals from around the world. From the western gorilla of the African rain forests to the colossal squid that resides deep beneath the sea, animals from every habitat are featured on these pages. A field guide — complete with pencil sketches of each animal — presents the reader with more facts about these creatures.

Age Range: 3 and up
Grade Level: Preschool and up
64 pages



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