Earth Day Facts and Free Download!

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 14, 2015

Earth-Day-Apr2015Wednesday, April 22, 2015 is Earth Day and the perfect opportunity to work with your curious youngster on fun facts about our planet and taking care of it.

To help with this initiative, we’ve listed some ideas below on how you and your kids can help improve our planet. We’re also offering a free download of two pages from our new Smithsonian Discover: Earth book.

This book offers an in-depth look into our home planet (inside and out), along with fact cards and materials to build a three-dimensional globe. The two free pages for download include one with information about the Earth’s atmosphere (the five layers) along with a glossary page of common terms.

Smithsonian-Discover-EarthImproving Planet Earth

If you’re looking for a few ideas that you and your family can do to make a big difference in your community, start here!

  1. Try preparing school lunch for a week in all reusable containers. Zero trash!
  2. Encourage your kids and some of their friends to stay 20 extra minutes after school to pick up trash (with adult supervision).
  3. Designate one person in the house “Lights off!” person. Their job is to make sure all lights are turned off before leaving the house.
  4. Experiment with composting in your yard or garden.
  5. Go through your trash to make sure all recyclables have been pulled out.
  6. Plant a tree at a local school.

Down Pages From Smithsonian Discover: Earth

In addition to making our planet a nicer place to live, take some time to learn something new! We’re offering two free pages from our Smithsonian Discover: Earth book: one on the Earth’s atmosphere and one listing common Earth terms.

Download them here.

With Smithsonian Discover: Earth, kids can take a tour of Earth’s fiery core, scale Mount Everest, scuba-dive in the Great Barrier Reef, and hunker down during a hurricane, all without ever leaving the safety of their living rooms. A must-have for any kid who calls Earth home, this engaging book contains three sections: Amazing Earth (all about the inside and outside of the planet), the Blue Planet (covering awesome oceans, raging rivers, and great lakes), and Wild Weather (which explains the science of weather and goes inside natural disasters). Each page contains science presented simply, and facts reviewed by the experts at the Smithsonian.

The compelling content is only the tip of the iceberg (only a tenth of which floats above the ocean’s surface, as you’ll learn). This engaging title also delivers hands-on activities like you would find at the Smithsonian. Bound right into the book are 12 Earth fact cards, a large double-sided map of the world, and materials to construct a three-dimensional paper globe. Though we walk its surface every day, Smithsonian Discover: Earth will surely teach kids that Earth is one fascinating planet!

Ages: 8 and up
Grade: 3rd and up
Price: $16.95

What are you doing this year to recognize Earth Day in your family?

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