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By Silver Dolphin Books on May 13, 2015

Origami-Oceans-May2015This month a new book in our Origami Adventures series comes out: Origami Adventures: Oceans joins the Animals and Dinosaurs titles also in the series. To show our fans the bright, engaging nature of these books, we are giving away a free download of two of the activities in the books: an origami angelfish from the Oceans book and an origami bat from the Animals book. These are a perfect introduction to origami for kids.

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. “Ori” means folding; “kami” means paper. Our new book is filled with paper and instructions to create fourteen different origami ocean animals, along with tips on learning some of the most popular origami techniques.

You can download our free origami activities below. These are rated one out of four stars in terms of difficulty level, so kids ages 7 and up should be able to figure this out, maybe with a little help from an adult the first time around.

Download our Angelfish Origami Instructions & Paper here.

Download our Bat Origami Instructions & Paper here.

OrigamiOceans_300More About Origami Adventures: Oceans

Origami Adventures: Oceans features everything that kids need to become origami experts. Step-by-step instructions for creating 14 colorful origami animals are paired with illustrations and fun facts about each sea creature, such as where they live, what they eat, and how they defend themselves from other animals. Build a sea lion, dolphin, angelfish, lobster, shark, and more! Includes: 48-page book with clear step-by-step instructions for creating 14 origami animals, 14 sheets of colorful origami paper, and 14 sheets of practice paper. Best for ages 7 and up. $15.95.



Origami Desktop Wallpaper

Last fall we offered a special computer background wallpaper featuring the animals from our Origami Adventures: Animals book. Available in several different sizes, you can get it here:


Download sizes:




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