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By Silver Dolphin Books on June 2, 2015

If you have a little animal lover at home, our Field Guide series is the perfect gift for a curious child, or an in-depth addition to homeschooling curriculum. Designed to present information in a fun and engaging way, the journal-style format brings kids on a personal journey with maps, photographs, illustrations and stories. Each book comes with pieces to assemble the animals they’ve studied.

Sample interior pages from Field Guide to Ocean Animals:

Ocean Animals PagesSample animal models from Field Guide to Rain Forest Animals:

Rainforest Animals ComponentsThe Field Guide To… Series Overview

FG Rainforest AnimalsThe Field Guide to Rain Forest Animals
Join the adventure of a lifetime as you explore the Amazon Rain Forest! Follow the trail of the jungle’s most magnificent creatures, including silent jaguars, leaping monkeys, and pink river dolphins in The Field Guide to Rain Forest Animals. Learn the difference between New World and Old World monkeys, how to detect the presence of a Dwarf Caiman crocodile, and why Vampire Bats can walk and run. This unique interactive journal is filled with photographs, maps, and detailed illustrations of eight interesting jungle animals. At the end of this book kids can continue the adventure by assembling their animals amidst a colorful diorama for their own museum-ready display!

FG Ocean AnimalsThe Field Guide to Ocean Animals
With this interactive book, young readers embark on an underwater adventure exploring the Great Barrier Reef! Follow the trail of the ocean’s most magnificent creatures, including the powerful gray reef shark, the graceful-yet-deadly man-of-war, and the paralyzing blue-ringed octopus. Join marine biologist Warren Wilmott on his expedition and learn why the sea wasp is one of the deadliest creatures swimming in our oceans today and why red lionfish sometimes swims upside down. Filled with incredible animal photographs, maps, interesting information, and detailed illustrations, The Field Guide to Ocean Animals transports budding biologists to another world! The adventure continues as readers assemble seven different animals stored inside the pockets of each page and set up the included diorama for a stunning display.

FG DinosaursThe Field Guide to Dinosaurs
“The Petrified Forest of Arizona seemed like the perfect place to start to search for fossils,” writes our hero in his 1929 journal. Thus begins the exciting hunt for dinosaurs and their prehistoric secrets in The Field Guide to Dinosaurs. Through a series of journal entries, readers uncover the mysteries of the dinosaur kingdom — from the speedy and agile Coelophysis to the existence of Pangaea, the landmass of some 227 million years ago when all of the continents were one. Junior paleontologists can experience the excitement of a dig as they rifle through maps, illustrations, and engaging interactive elements, including seven dinosaur models and a museum-ready diorama that they can easily assemble themselves.

All Field Guide books:

  • Ages 8 and up
  • Grades 2 and up
  • $15.95

The Field Guide To…  Customer Reviews

  • “My 6 y.o. son just discovered these books today. He is loving it. This is a good book for children who enjoy legos or something like that, where they are following directions to build something. Their fine motor skills need to be pretty good as the pieces are very small. There are pictures for the directions so the child doesn’t have to read to put them together. I like the information that each page provides about the animal… as well as a map regarding where they can be found. Very cool science type book and could be used for homeschool.”otmom on Amazon.com
  • “This whole series is awesome! My kids love the way the book is written as a travel journal and the models are amazing! They are simple enough for my first grader and preschooler to do together with a little help from Mommy. The end result is pretty neat. The pictures are beautiful and we have really enjoyed them! Just beware if you are buying used-it took me several orders to find one (even those marked in very good condition) with the model pieces included! Without the pieces it is just a regular book-you really miss out on the part that makes it so unique!”Laura E. Gardener on Amazon.com
  • “This entire series of books is wonderful. It really promotes learning and curiosity about animals. The books are interactive, colorful, and detailed. They have paper animals in envelopes that the kids can put together, and then place in a fold out diorama at the end of the book. You cannot go wrong with buying any book in this series. We gave them to all the kids in our family last Christmas, and they all adored them!” Fitz “Rachel” on Amazon.com
  • “What a great way to bring the child “into” the rainforest! We used this book with a zoo trip, [other books,] plus a website for a complete 2-week unit on rainforests. The field guide was something my son looked forward to. Working independently, he studied a new animal each day and set it up in the diorama. Then he would explain it to me in a short presentation, drawing, or written report. The slotted-paper figures from the book are sturdy enough for gentle play. I can’t wait to use the others in this series.”Wonderactivist on Amazon.com





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