Ideas To Keep Learning Alive During Summer

By Silver Dolphin Books on June 23, 2015

KeepSummerLearningAlive-June2015Teachers report an average of 3 months progress lost when kids don’t keep up reading and important skills during the summer. While there may be a lot of moaning and groaning when it comes to getting your children on-board for summer learning, there are tools to make it fun and useful.

Here are ideas and resources to keep learning alive during summer months:

    1. “30 minutes of reading equals 30 minutes of iPad use!”
      Rules or agreements such as this are motivators and if upheld regularly, can just turn into a way of life where kids don’t argue, they just comply.
    2. Go outside.
      Take a different approach to learning, and bring the materials outdoors. Do an outdoor project, bring books to the park, or create an interesting scavenger hunt with learning component.
    3. Reading programs.
      There are several reading programs that reward kids for books read during the summer.
    4. Make it a game (with a reward!).
      Games can disguise learning in fun ways and there are tools, like our Summer Reading Bingo, that turn something ordinary into a fun challenge with reward. After all, it is summer break, so awarding a prize of sorts shows your child you do appreciate their effort.
    5. Online learning.
      Most kids love time spend on electronic devices, so use that enthusiasm to your advantage and allow extra time spent online if it’s a learning program. A few great sites to check out:

      1. Math and language arts games created or approved by certified school teachers.
      2. This site is usually a paid resource, but they offer a free summer math program for parents to register their elementary school-aged kids.
      3. This site has a wide range of math and language arts games targeted for kids ages 3-7.
    6. Take advantage of boredom.
      Keep worksheet pages on hand for times your child is bored and looking for something to do. Waiting in a doctor’s office, at a table in a restaurant, in the car… Kids may actually welcome the distraction.
    7. Disguise learning as fun.
      If you’re taking a trip or staycationing in your own town, encourage your kids to research options and ideas for the trip. Online research, reading about things to do and writing down ideas are all skills they won’t realize they are working on during this activity.
    8. Journal with your kids.
      Create a “Mom [or Dad] and Me” journal and write back and forth with your child. Draw pictures, write letters, make lists and pass it back and forth for a fun, bonding activity. Their writing skills and creativity will stay sharp.

How do you plan to keep learning alive during summer months?



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  1. Marilyn July 16, 2015 Reply

    Love the ideas for learning during the summer. Best yet!

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