6 Ideas To Celebrate The End Of Summer

By Silver Dolphin Books on July 28, 2015

IdeasToCelebrateEndOfSummer-Aug2015Summer is winding down and children everywhere are dreading the return to school while many parents are rejoicing. But there is both a feeling of sadness at the carefree feeling of summer coming to an end and an inherent excitement that comes with a new school year. Celebrate the end of summer and return to school with these six fun ideas that will leave lasting memories for your family.

6 Ideas To Celebrate the End of Summer

  1. Have a “Yes” day.
    A “yes” day is where you wake up and surprise your kids with the idea that you’ll say “yes” to almost any request (with some reasonable boundaries of course!). Ice cream for breakfast? Yes! Friends over to stay up late? Yes! Skip chores for a day? Yes! For more information on how to host a “Yes Day” read about it here.
  2. Host a Friends Olympics.
    Pick a day to host an Olympic-style competition for a group of kids at your house or a local park. Three-legged races, water balloon toss, cupcake eating contest, sack races, cannonball competition, hula hooping… The options are endless and most likely other parents will happily get involved to plan a day of fun activity for the kids.
  3. Hold a backyard campout.
    Invite a few friends, set out tents or sleeping bags, roast marshmallows, stay up late and tell stories, project a movie on a screen or sheet… Enjoy all the fun of camping but close to the comforts of home. And if backyard camping isn’t an option, set it up in the living room!
  4. Go on a date (with your child!).
    Spend a precious few hours one-on-one with each of your kids on a special date. See a movie and grab lunch, paint pottery, go on a hike, treat them to ice cream… No matter what you do that special time together will be welcome and good for both you and your child.
  5. Go shopping.
    Get your kids exciting about the return to school by involving them in the shopping. A special first day of school outfit, a new lunchbox, a new book, or even items to pack in their lunch. Involving them will make them feel important and excited about the upcoming new school year.
  6. Plan a neighborhood baseball game and BBQ.
    Gather all the neighborhood families or your friends together for a big kids versus adults baseball or soccer game. After everyone is good and tired, enjoy a BBQ or potluck meal together and toast to a great summer.

No matter what you plan, your children will appreciate the incredible memories.

How do you celebrate the end of summer?


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