Two Fun Scavenger Hunt Printables

By Silver Dolphin Books on July 14, 2015

Scavenger-Hunt-Printables-July2015Entertaining kids during summer can range from different and exciting to challenging and exhausting. Finding new ways to entertain, engage and challenge children is something many parents are constantly working on. A summer scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get your family outside and appreciate their surroundings and environment. We have two fun scavenger hunt printables to help with this idea: a nature scavenger hunt and a summer scavenger hunt.


Summer Scavenger Hunt Printable

Summer Scavenger Hunt Screenshot

Our summer scavenger hunt printable encourages kids to not only look around and observe their environment, but also features two random acts of kindness: finding somebody to help and finding trash to pick up. Add your own ideas to the empty spaces too!

Download our summer scavenger hunt printable here.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

IntoTheWildScavHunt screenshot

Our nature scavenger hunt “Meadow Friends” activity is great for a hike in a more remote area by a creek or up a mountain. Your kids will enjoy looking for a ladybug, moth, spider, caterpillar, bumblebee and more. Once they find it, they can color it in or circle the bug/plant.

Download our nature scavenger hunt printable.

Animal Kingdom Into the Wild

These cute nature scavenger hunt pages come from our Animal Kingdom: Into The Wild sticker activity book. This 120-page book is packed with fascinating facts about all sorts of wild animals, more than 300 reusable stickers, and a two-sided 22×16-inch poster, children will be eager to learn all about these amazing creatures and their habitats.

We hope you enjoy these two scavenger hunt printables!








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