Free U.S.A. Doodle Placemats For Kids

By Silver Dolphin Books on August 4, 2015

Doodling has been shown help people stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information. Our Brainfood Doodle Mat series is perfect for kids who love to doodle, and parents who love activities that involve fun, creativity AND learning.

Our new Brainfood Doodlemats: U.S.A. contains 50 tear-off placemats (one for each state), filled with fun facts and trivia, along with space and encouragement to doodle about the given state. These placemats are the perfect answer for that crazy “witchy hour,” when parents are trying to prepare dinner and kids are tired, hungry and looking for something to do.

To try before you buy, we’re offering two of the placemats as a free download! Get the first and last state (Delaware and Hawaii):

Free-Brainfood-Placemats-USA-Aug2015Download the sample Brainfood Doodlemats U.S.A. here [PDF].

More Brainfood Doodle Mats

Our Brainfood Doodle Mats come in two other versions: Animals and Vehicles. We recently offered sample download pages from them, which you can get again today!


Brainfood Doodle Mats: Animals – Gecko Page
Brainfood Doodle Mats: Vehicles – Space Shuttle Page

Brainfood doodle mats are perfect for kids ages 6 and up (grades kindergarten and up) and are $14.95 each.

Share with us – are you a doodler?


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