Celebrate National Literacy Month

By Silver Dolphin Books on November 3, 2015

National Literacy MonthNovember 1st marks the first day of National Family Literacy Month. Since 1994, this month has been dedicated to the support of reading where it begins—at home! Consistent reading is essential to developing a love of learning, and National Family Literacy Month is the perfect time to celebrate reading outside of the classroom.

Check out these sites for some fun ways to celebrate:

For even more ideas, click here.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our Smithsonian Readers!:


Developed in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution and esteemed childhood literacy expert Dr. Adria Klein, Level 1 focuses on familiar content and simple text to promote engagement of success for new readers.

This edition provides accessible and engaging content designed to encourage development in readers with unfamiliar vocabulary terms, new phonic structures, and ore variation in sentence patterns.

Level 3 continues children’s journey to becoming lifelong readers with new and engaging content and more challenging texts. Children can also practice their reading skills with the included 36 topical fact cards.

For fluent readers, Level 4 provides fascinating facts and challenging content that promotes reading success and enjoyment. Includes glossary, pronunciation guides, and multiple-choice quizzes.


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