Great Gifts for Animal Lovers!

By Silver Dolphin Books on November 9, 2015
Does your child know all there is to know about animals of all shapes and sizes? Do they try to smuggle a tiger or monkey home with them during a trip to the zoo? Check out these perfect gift books for those children who just can’t get enough of animals!

This complete activity kit allows kids to read, play, and learn all about the most popular dog breeds, understand their body language and behavior, and discover how dogs are trained to work with people and perform in competitions. The box it comes in doubles as a display for kids’ very own puppy show—complete with obstacle course and model puppy!

This kit comes with everything kids ages 7 and up will need to make a lion, penguin, monkey, and panda. Once kids have created their new pom-pom friends, they can personalize their animals and sign the included adoption certificate to become the official owners of the cutest critters on the planet.

Peter David Scott’s richly detailed and colorful artwork brings the beauty of the natural world into your hands in this collection of amazing animals from around the world. From the western gorilla of the African rain forests to the colossal squid that resides deep beneath the sea, animals from every habitat are featured on these pages.

This fact book takes children around the globe to discover our planet’s amazing diversity of wildlife. When young explorers have finished learning about the wild animals found across the world, they can decorate their rooms with seven plastic animals, six diorama models, and a world map poster with reusable stickers!

Build it Junior: Baby Animals is designed for curious young animal lovers who want to know how all types of baby animals survive and thrive in the wilderness. Adding to the excitement is a 12-inch interactive model elephant that children can build themselves. A 24-page book includes information on a variety of baby animals.

Young animal enthusiasts will go wild over this new auditory adventure by Maurice Pledger. As readers explore the pop-up panoramas, they’ll hear the trumpeting of elephants, the roaring of a Tibetan bear, and the chattering of dolphins. Sounds of the Wild: Animals lets children see and hear their way from the oceans to the mountaintops and learn all about the wide variety of creatures that live in the wild.


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