10 Valentine’s Day Crafts

By Silver Dolphin Books on January 19, 2016

It’s that time of year! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While store aisles are packed with teddy bears, chocolates, and conversation hearts, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Valentine’s Day crafts kids can make right at home. Most of the crafts featured below are made with materials found around the house. These crafts are sure to spread love and cheer this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas


1. Valentine’s Day Tree

Valentine's Day Tree CraftThis sweetheart-covered cone is the perfect décor for Valentine’s Day parties or for classrooms. Using a heart-shaped paper punch facilitates the process. Try using various shades of pink and red to create an ombré effect.

  1. Use a piece of pink or red paper to make a cone.
  2. Cut out hearts or use a heart-shaped paper punch to cut hearts in different shades of pink.
  3. Starting at the bottom of the cone, use rubber cement or a hot-glue gun* to layer the hearts all around the cone.
  4. Once the cone is covered in hearts, place it wherever you’d like for decoration!

*Always use a hot glue gun with an adult.


2. Valentine’s Day Treat Toppers

Turn delicious cupcakes or Valentine’s Day treats into festive additions to any party by making treat toppers. All you need is paper and toothpicks!

Valentine's Day Craft Treat Toppers

  1. Cut out hearts or use a heart-shaped paper punch to cut out pink or red hearts.
  2. Grab a toothpick and use rubber cement to glue two hearts (back-to-back) at the top of the toothpick.
  3. Once the glue is dry, stick the treat toppers in your favorite snack or dessert!


3. Valentine’s Day Heart Chain

Valentine's day heart chain craftWith just paper and a stapler, you can transform paper into a festive heart chain!

  1. Cut pink paper into 1-inch strips.
  2. Fold the strips in half.
  3. Curl the two ends into the rounded part of the heart.
  4. Stable the paper where the ends meet into the rounded part of the heart.
  5. Grab the next folded strip and curl the ends into the rounded part of the heart. Place it under the last heart, at the pointed part. Staple the top of the heart to bottom of the first heart.
  6. Continue folding the paper strips and stapling them under each other until you’ve created a chain.


4. Love Bug Craft

Have any extra yarn around the house? Use it to make adorable love bugs! These pom-poms can be transformed into cute little creatures by adding googly eyes and antennas. This would make for an adorable decoration or could be attached to a Valentine’s Day card.


5. Tea Bag Valentine

Create a handmade Valentine’s Day card with just a teabag! Whether it’s handwritten or typed, by attaching a teabag kids can create a unique Valentine to hand out to their friends and family.


6. Non-Candy Valentine Ideas

Avoiding all the sugar on Valentine’s Day? These 25 Valentines ideas are fun and clever alternatives to pass out this Valentine’s Day.


7. DIY Heart Stamp

Use a toilet paper roll to create your own heart-shaped stamp! Use different colors of pink and red to create a layered design. This stamp would be perfect for homemade Valentine’s Day cards or bookmarks!


8. Hot-Air Balloon Valentine Card

Similar to number one on this list, with just a heart-shaped paper punch kids can make a whimsical hot-air balloon card.


9. Valentine’s Day Pencil Pinwheel

Choose your favorite printed-paper to make your very own pinwheel. Simply attach it to a pencil to create a unique Valentine.


10. Heart-shaped Bird Feeder 

Spread the love outdoors with this cute heart-shaped bird feeder!


Happy Valentine’s Day!



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