Silver Dolphin Books March Releases

By Silver Dolphin Books on February 22, 2016

All of these fun, innovative, and loved books will be hitting bookstores this month! Check out title descriptions and extra information below to see if any of our March titles will enlighten and entertain the young readers in your life.

Smithsonian First Discoveries: Little Learner

Let’s learn with the Smithsonian! Smithsonian First Explorers: Little Learner provides an important introduction to early concepts in a fun and lively way. From the number of seasons to the color of an orangutan, the four included board books feature colorful illustrations and photos paired with simple facts and labels.

Age: 1+

Smithsonian First Discoveries: Young Explorer

Smithsonian First Discoveries: Young Explorer engages young children with new concepts, bright illustrations, and lively photographs with simple labels. Children will recognize places around the world, learn the planets, choose their favorite dinosaurs, and get to know animals around the world. The four included board books are ideal for teaching babies and toddlers about our amazing world.

Age: 1+

Super Sticker Activity: Baby Animals

Whether it’s a playful puppy or a curious kitten, Super Sticker Activity: Baby Animals is full of adorable and amusing baby animal activities! Mix and match, coloring, and doodling activities fill the book, and cute and cuddly baby animals are featured along for the fun. 75+ super puffy stickers are also included and can be used to decorate the bright and colorful activity pages.

Age: 3+

Smithsonian Readers: Read with Me! Pre Level 1

The Read With Me! titles were created for children whose interest in reading is just beginning. Pre-Level 1 contains simple, short sentences with familiar vocabulary for children who are starting to read with the support of a parent or caregiver. Bright photographs reinforce the text, encouraging reading comprehension. Bound into the book are 36 perforated fact cards that further sharpen newly acquired reading skills!

Age: 4+

Adventure Pack: Safari

Adventure Pack: Safari will give young explorers something to roar about as they discover the amazing wildlife of the African savanna! Learn about amazing animals in the 32-page fact book accompanied by a picture viewer with eight eye-popping slide images. Kids will be able to solve crosswords, word searches, and other fun puzzles in the 24-page activity book. Also included are 30 reusable stickers, 24 fact cards, and a 3-D poster. Get ready for a wild adventure!

Age: 4+

Adventure Pack: Under the Sea

Adventure Pack: Under the Sea takes readers on an exploration of the world’s oceans to meet the fascinating creatures found beneath the waves. On each page of the fact book, kids will encounter incredible marine animals, and the included picture viewer with eight dazzling slide images gives learning an authentic feel. After kids discover sea creatures large and small, they can dive into the 24-page activity book to solve crosswords, word searches, and other fun puzzles. Also included are 34 reusable stickers, 24 fact cards, and a 3-D poster. Set sail and start exploring!

Age: 4+

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Coloring Book

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole on a coloring adventure in Wonderland! The pairing of original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and quotations from Lewis Carroll’s original text offers a unique way to explore scenes from Wonderland and bring your own playful imagination to this classic story.

Age: 5+

The Jungle Book: A Coloring Book

Join Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, and Shere Khan in this stunning coloring book based on Rudyard Kipling’s classic story The Jungle Book. The detailed pen and ink illustrations on each page feature all the beloved characters and invite fans to be playful and imaginative as they creatively color in scenes from the classic story. Go wild in the jungle!

Age: 5+

Animal Adventures: Sharks

Animal Adventures: Sharks will take kids beneath the ocean’s surface to meet the many sharks that lurk in the depths. This unique set includes a book full of colorful illustrations and intriguing facts about sharks, plus 3-D animal models and a diorama with reusable stickers.

Age: 5+

Doodle Magic: Animals

Doodle Magic: Animals is a doodler’s delight, with oodles of inspiration to provide kids with hours of drawing fun. This book contains 64 pages of inspiring doodling ideas and step-by-step drawing prompts to use with the included plastic stylus and reusable luminous drawing sheets or with printed pages for doodling with pens, pencils, or crayons!

Age: 5+

Build the Robot

Build three moving robot models as you learn about robots of the past, present, and future!

For hundreds of years, humans have been fascinated by machines that help with everyday tasks, and Build the Robot gives readers an overview of the history of robotics. This unique book set includes a 32-page book, plus model pieces and wind-up motors to build three different types of moving robots.

Age: 7+

Extreme Animals: Predators

Venture into the wilderness to learn about the most extreme and dangerous predators on the planet! Extreme Animals: Predators features 20 dangerous creatures that awe us with their feats of strength, speed, and sheer determination. Detailed facts, statistics, charts, and maps allow the reader to compare and contrast each animal and learn what makes them so extreme. Three replica claw pendants with a neck cord enable kids to display their favorite beasts after the book is closed, and a double-sided wall poster is the perfect decoration for a budding adventurer’s bedroom.

Age: 8+


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