June and July New Book Releases

By Silver Dolphin Books on May 31, 2016

Our new Ultimate Interactive Guide series is hitting bookstores this summer and we’re so excited to show them to you! Whether it’s braving natural disasters or exploring outer space, these books are attention grabbers with visually stunning images, informative text, functional models, and a giant wall poster.

The Ultimate Interactive Guide to Natural Disasters

The Ultimate Interactive Guide to Natural Disasters – Coming June 2016

Earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanoes are just some of the deadly hazards that affect our planet. Extreme heat, freezing cold, droughts, floods, and wildfires also shape our world and affect where and how we live. Take an interactive journey around the globe to discover the strength and wonder of these natural disasters. A detailed poster and 3-D models of a volcano and tornado complement amazing facts and stunning images in this ultimate interactive experience.

The Ultimate Interactive Guide to the Universe – Coming July 2016

Learning about the universe becomes a thrilling experience with this stunningly visual guide. Embark on a journey around the planets of the solar system and then investigate the stars, comets, black holes, and Milky Way. A detailed poster, rotating 3-D satellite model, and an interactive rotating star wheel complement amazing facts and images of the most dramatic discoveries in outer space.

The Ultimate Interactive Guide to the Universe


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