2016 Summer Reading Programs

By Silver Dolphin Books on June 7, 2016

Summer is finally here, and that means no more school for two months! But even though the time has come for swimming pools, popsicles, and sunshine, reading doesn’t have to take the back seat. It is very important to keep reading during the summer so kids don’t start back up in the fall having lost progress—thankfully, we’ve made a list of summer reading programs to keep both you and your children motivated!

2016 Summer Reading Programs:


  1. Barnes & Noble’s Summer Reading Program is a fun way to stay reading this summer, and even earn a free book! Simply download their Reading Journal, record 8 books between May 17 and September 6, 2016, bring it in to your local Barnes & Noble location, and your child receives a free book! The free book options range from grades 1-6.
  1. The Scholastic Reading Challenge. Be a superhero with the Scholastic Reading Challenge! In the parent resource center for this challenge, you’ll find a pledge sheet for kids, activities, certificates, and more. The program lets kids log the minutes they spend reading to earn virtual rewards and prizes, and enter sweepstakes. This program runs from May 9-September 9, 2016.
  1. Book Adventure. For a summer reading program that can challenge your kids all year long, look no further than Sylvan’s Book Adventure! Your child can register and take quizzes on books they read, earning points toward prizes won at the prize library. This is a great way to help kids remember the books they read in school, too, as the program extends way past summer!
  1. Pizza Hut “Book It” Program. This program has free reading adventure packs for parents to download, and giveaways for children to enter.  There are also recipes for children that tie back to certain books, and schools can win free pizza for participating (homeschoolers can also participate!).
  1. Chuck E. Cheese Reading Awards. Chuck E. Cheese offers a variety of rewards calendars that encourage good behavior in kids: a Table Manners calendar, a Clean Room Calendar, a Great Behavior Calendar, and a Reading Rewards Calendar. If your child can read for two weeks, they can earn ten free tokens!
  1. Do-It-Yourself Summer Reading Camp. With a different theme each week (like bugs, heroes, animals, etc.) and fun summer reading printables and online activities, PBS.org makes it easy to create your own summer reading camp based around your individual child’s needs/skills.
  1. Reading is Fundamental.org. Rif.org offers a wealth of activities to train the brain, fun book picks for summer, and lots of ideas for games that the whole family can play together to keep sharp during the summer months.
  1. Programs through your local library. Almost all local libraries have reading programs to encourage kids to keep their reading skills sharp over the summer months. Check with your local branch to see what the details are of their specific program.
  1. Summer Reading BINGO. We offer a Summer Reading BINGO game perfect for getting kids to read in fun ways… with the family pet, in their swimsuit, while eating a bowl of ice cream and more. Set prizes that suit your child and this can be re-used throughout your summer.
  1. Create Your Own! Every child is motivated by something different. Don’t be afraid to design a program that works best for your family. Most reading challenges require 8-10 books to be completed; so that is a good number to start with. Customize the prizes and rewards to fit your child’s needs.


How do you keep your kids reading during the summer? Know of any programs that aren’t on this list? Comment and let us know! In the meantime, happy summer and happy reading!


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