Mix and Match to Create Humorous Animals and Animal Names!

By Silver Dolphin Books on September 14, 2016

Heads and Tails

Lift the flaps to match an animal head with a different body! Heads and Tails contains 21 animals on split pages to mix and match to create silly animal combinations. A crocodile and a rabbit becomes a “crocbit” and a moose and an elephant becomes a “moophant”! Flip the book over for more heads and tails to mix and match.

Eyes and Ears

What do you get when you mix a panda and a cheetah? A Paneetah! This interactive board book has pages split in two, allowing the flaps to be lifted and mixed with other animals so kids can create their own unique animal faces and names. Kids will be rolling with laugher as they create silly animal combinations with Eyes and Ears. The names of the animals are included on each page and their funny mixed names are sure to entertain.


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