October Releases

By Silver Dolphin Books on October 13, 2016

Fall is officially here and we’re celebrating with the release of more innovative and entertaining titles from Silver Dolphin! Readers will enjoy our varied list, which includes books with beautiful illustrations, flaps to lift, models to build, animals to count, stickers to play with, and even more! Educational and entertaining, these books will be great for story time, learning time, or fun time!

Books for Readers 1 & up

Who’s Hiding? In the Ocean

Get ready for an under the sea adventure! Who’s hiding behind the coral? Who’s playing in the kelp forest? Young children can guess which adorable ocean creature is hiding behind each oversized flap in this interactive format with bright illustrations.

Who’s Hiding? In the Wild

Who’s hiding in the water? Who’s hiding in the colorful rainforest? Opening the oversized flaps on each page reveals the entire adorable animal. From a hippo to a zebra, this board book encourages young readers use the clues to guess which animal is hiding.

Books for Readers 3 & up

Five Christmas Penguins

Get ready for some counting fun with five spunky penguins as they prepare for the best Christmas party ever! Whether zooming through the snow, decorating the tree, wrapping presents or singing, artist Steven Lenton’s adorable, playful penguins will get kids in the holiday spirit and help them improve their counting skills!

My First Christmas

With die-cut windows, colorful illustrations, simple text, and clever lift-the-flaps, My First Christmas retells the Nativity story and will become a Christmas classic for families. Follow along in this interactive storybook as Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem and welcome baby Jesus into the world.

Noah’s Ark

This interactive retelling of the story of Noah’s Ark is brought to life with die-cut windows, colorful illustrations, simple text, and clever lift-the-flaps on every spread. Count two by two as Noah leads animals from the jungle, farm, garden, and more into his ark, safe and warm, away from the flood.

Slide and Play: Busy Bunny

Join Busy Bunny as he explores the outdoors and learns to count along the way! Filled with beloved children’s illustrator Maurice Pledger’s stunning illustrations, each spread contains a sliding feature that reveals hidden animals and encourages children to count with Bunny.

Slide and Play: Curious Kitten

Young children can participate in the story by moving the sliders and bringing curious kitten to life. Whether she’s making new friends or chasing a mouse, Slide & Play: Curious Kitten is an interactive story that encourages play while reading.

Slide and Play: Playful Puppy

With sliding motions on every page, kids can slide to reveal a playful companion for puppy. With brilliantly colorful illustrations and an adorable puppy character, Slide and Play: Playful Puppy is an interactive learning adventure.

Super Sticker Activity: Christmas

Snowmen, carolers, reindeer, and other fun holiday-themed characters are ready to celebrate in Super Sticker Activity: Christmas! Perfect for at home or on the go, this 32-page book contains fun and engaging activities and 75+ super puffy stickers.

Books for Readers 5 & up

Make and Move: T. Rex

The ferocious king of the dinosaurs is brought into your hands in Make and Move: T. Rex. This illustrated learning guide presents basic facts about dinosaur anatomy in an easily accessible format, with colorful illustrations, simple explanations, and a large 19-piece floor puzzle with hinged joints.

Smithsonian Readers: Ultimate Predators Level 3

Developed in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution and esteemed childhood literacy expert Dr. Adria Klein, Ultimate Predators Level 3 contains four 32-page topics for readers looking to learn more about the world around them from dinosaurs and reptiles to big cats and sharks! Children can also practice their reading skills and test their newfound knowledge with the included quizzes.

Books for Readers 7 & up

Build the Dragon

Enter the fantastic world of dragons and become an expert at identifying the different species that are said to have existed around the world. The illustrated 32-page guidebook covers everything from dragon anatomy to how they move, what they eat, and how some fly and breathe fire! Finally, take the opportunity to bring a European dragon to life by building an impressive, large-scale model, complete with a wind-up motor to make his wings flap.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Remarkable Machines

Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most extraordinary thinkers in history, sketched and wrote about many innovative machines that were hundreds of years ahead of their time but were never built during his lifetime. Now, in this remarkable book, readers are presented with five of his most famous inventions, realized as 3-D pop-ups with moving parts.

Ultimate Interactive Guide to the Human Body

The Ultimate Interactive Guide to the Human Body’s 48-page book is filled with colorful illustrations, diagrams, and informative text on how all the parts of the body work together to enable us to move, learn, grow, and stay healthy. A large wall poster and 3-D cardstock models of a human skeleton and eyeball enhance the educational journey into discovering the amazing functions of the human body.


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