November Book Releases

By Silver Dolphin Books on November 1, 2016

We’re extra thankful this year for the incredible authors, illustrators, designers, and more we’ve had the opportunity to work with. Below you’ll find the last of our titles releasing this Fall! Enjoy the beautiful illustrations, the innovative formats, and the models to build. Both educational and entertaining, we’re proud to announce our November titles. More to come next year!

Books for Readers 1 & up


This delightful children’s board book explores the joys of unconditional love between a parent and child. Beautifully illustrated pages and a gentle, rhyming story make this perfect for sharing at story time and creating special memories together.

Books for Readers 5 & up

Layer by Layer

The Layer by Layer sound book series features an innovative format with layered pages that invite the reader to explore dinosaurs, animals, and marine creatures in their habitats. Discovering Dinosaurs, Into the Wild, and Under the Sea each contain six transformative scenes that change as the layers are peeled away, revealing more animals underneath and the authentic animal sounds give the books an atmospheric feel. These impressive sound books are accompanied by interesting animal facts and gorgeous colorful illustrations that invite the reader to carefully explore each page, searching for the hidden animals. Peel back the layers, hear the sounds, and discover the animals that lie in wait!

Mythological Adventures: Dragons

Mythological Adventures: Dragons offers a unique learning experience for kids as they get the chance to meet different dragons face-to-face. They’ll have fun learning while they encounter Western and Eastern dragons—large and small, gentle and fierce—with vibrant illustrations and fascinating facts. Then, kids can build a diorama of their very own and add to the fantastical world of dragons with the included cardstock models, dragon figurines, and reusable stickers.

Smithsonian Adventures in Space

Smithsonian Adventures in Space contains everything young space explorers need to learn about the planets and beyond. After reading about the planets and space exploration, kids can use the shaped box to create their own Moon landing scene with dioramas, cardstock models, and figurines. Whether it’s Jupiter’s moons or Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, Smithsonian Adventures in Space contains everything kids need for an intergalactic adventure! ©Smithsonian

Books for Readers 7 & up

Star Wars Builders

Set a course for a galaxy far, far away! Each title in this interactive Star Wars series delves into starfighters, droids, or the famous Millennium Falcon, exploring their parts and uses in a comprehensive 64-page guidebook. Included in this collector’s kit are sturdy cardstock pieces for Star Wars fans to build 3-D models to re-create scenes and explore the galaxy with beloved characters.   © and TM Lucasfilm Ltd.

Star Wars Builders: Droids includes sturdy cardstock pieces to build three of the most popular Star Wars droids: BB-8, C-3PO, and R2-D2.

Star Wars Builders: Millennium Falcon comes with instructions to build a to-scale replica Millennium Falcon with the included cardstock model pieces.

Star Wars Builders: Starfighters comes with sturdy cardstock model pieces so fans can build their own X-wing and TIE fighter.


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