March Book Releases

By Silver Dolphin Books on February 27, 2017

Our March releases are here, and we’re so excited to share them with you!  We’ve got lively pop-ups, push-pull-turn mechanisms, models to construct, unique activities, and much more. Learn more about the fun and innovative books that will be hitting bookstores this month!

Books for Ages 1 & up

First Stories: Cinderella

“Cinderella, you shall go to the ball!” First Stories: Cinderella is a perfect introduction to this classic fairy tale. Push, pull, and turn mechanisms bring the story to life and introduce all the main characters: Cinderella, her stepsisters, the handsome prince, and of course the fairy godmother. Also available: First Stories: Beauty and the Beast


Children can look, point, touch, count, and say goodnight to all their animal friends! This sturdy board book is perfect for teaching little ones about different facial features. Children can point to the lion’s sleepy eyes, and then identify their own eyes. Plus, the peekaboo mirror at the end will delight and surprise! Also available: Look at Me!

Books for Ages 3 & up

Popposites: On the Farm

Up or down? Awake or asleep? With Popposites: On the Farm, young farm fans can learn about opposites and have a fun pop-up adventure. Kids will love recognizing the colorfully illustrated farm animals that appear on every spread. The combination of vibrant colors, appealing animals, fun pop-ups, and lively text will engage young readers to learn early concepts.

Books for Readers 5 & up

The Big Book of Amazing Activities

Mazes, doodling, puzzles . . . and more! The Big Book of Amazing Activities is jam-packed with hundreds of activities perfect to keep kids entertained on rainy days and long road trips. The Big Book of Amazing Activities will keep young minds sharp while sparking creativity.

Noah’s Ark (Storybook Gift Set)

This retelling of the story of Noah’s Ark is a fun and lively version of the classic tale, in which Noah builds an ark with room for his family and all the animals to save them from the flood. Children can reenact the story with the cardboard characters and animals included as well! Also available: Beauty and the Beast (Storybook Gift Set)

Read Build Play: Backyard

The backyard is home to a variety of fascinating creatures, and Read Build Play: Backyard reveals the amazing natural world that exists in all types of urban environments. Tiny insects, colorful birds, scurrying mammals, and nighttime visitors are featured in the fact book, and the accompanying plastic animals, models, and play scene can be used to create a vivid backyard diorama.

Shopkins: Doodling Fun!

Come down to Shopville and spend the day playing with everyone’s favorite Shopkins pals! This activity book comes with fun games, quizzes, doodle pages, and of course, pencils and Shopkins pencil toppers! © 2013 Moose

Books for Ages 8 & up

Explore a Frog

Frogs swim, they leap, they hop, and some can even fly. Uncover the secrets of this amazing animal, layer by layer, in this new title in the popular Explore series. Young frog fans will love dissecting all the weird and wild facts, cool illustrations and diagrams, and unique 3-D layered model of a frog. Also available: Explore the Human Body, Explore a Shark, and Explore a T. Rex


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