September Book Releases!

By Silver Dolphin Books on September 5, 2017

September is here, and we’ve got lots of fun, interactive formats to share with you this month! We’ve got lift the flaps, die-cut paths to trace, wheels to spin, acetate layers to peel back, and so much more. Join us for story time!

Books for Ages 0 and up

Around Town

Cookies warming in the bakery, pups playing in the park, and diggers working at the construction site—so many things are happening in this busy little town! Follow the adorably illustrated animal citizens and learn about different vehicles, landmarks, and businesses that make up a town. Little ones will love the lift-the-flaps and die-cuts that reveal animal antics and make story time interactive.

A Kiss Goodnight

It’s almost time for bed, but Little Hare isn’t sleepy! Luckily Mommy Hare knows just what her bouncy hare needs before he goes to bed. Enjoy this wonderfully cozy story—perfect for bedtime!

Books for Ages 1 & up

Trace Race: One Spooky Night

Follow the trail for an eerie adventure with black cats, ghosts, and goblins! This storybook includes unique cutout paths for toddlers to follow with their fingers as they encounter haunted Halloween critters. With adorable illustrations and rhyming text, this sweet and spooky book is a fun Halloween read for kids of all ages. Also available: Trace Race: Things That Go

Who’s Inside the Haunted House?

Peek inside the spooky house and see who’s inside in this haunted Halloween adventure! Sturdy shaped pages invite readers to meet friendly Halloween characters on every spread. The sweet rhyming story and bright cheerful illustrations make the book just the right amount of fun and fright. So who’s inside the haunted house? Come inside and see!

100 Farm Words

Bright pictures and labels encourage children to look, point, and learn as they master their first 100 farm words! With adorable illustrations by Dawn Machell and a padded cover format, 100 Farm Words is the perfect first trip to the farm for little learners. Also available: 100 First Words

Books for Ages 3 & up

Lift and Learn: In the Jungle

Illustrated by award-winning wildlife artist Maurice Pledger, Lift and Learn: In the Jungle is a colorful introduction to the world’s rain forests and their many inhabitants. Journey through the jungle on a learning adventure with a host of animal friends, and lift the flaps for adorable surprises on every page! Also available: Lift and Learn: In the Ocean

Books for Ages 5 & up

Discovery Plus: Space

Bring the vast galaxies of the universe closer to home with Discovery Plus: Space! This hands-on learning experience is a great way for curious children to learn more about everything from the mechanics of gravity to the temperature on the surface of Mars. Future astronauts will delight in the interactive elements on every page, lifting the flaps, spinning the wheels, and peeling back the acetate layers to get an in-depth look at the inner workings of the universe. Also available: Discovery Plus: Animal Kingdom

Books for Ages 6 & up

Shakespeare Stories: Henry V, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet

Discover the literary world of Shakespeare with these fantastic kid-friendly retellings of his most famous works. From the ghostly adventures of Hamlet to the fairy-filled romp of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, these stories come alive with illustrations throughout that capture the humor and drama from the original stories. This set is a perfect introduction to Shakespeare for young readers! Also available: Shakespeare Stories: Much Ado About Nothing, The Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet

Books for Ages 7 & up

Legendary Journeys: Ships

Set sail on an epic journey through maritime history, from early Viking voyages to marauding pirate galleons, from the ill-fated Titanic to modern aircraft carriers. Slide out the cross-sections and lift the flaps to look inside iconic ships and spot famous sailors, explorers, and adventurers such as Christopher Columbus, Roald Amundsen, and Blackbeard.

Books for Ages 8 & up

Big Joke Mash-Up

Hilarious “would-you-rather” questions, side-splitting excuses for not completing homework, and priceless pranks make this book a hoot from start to finish! This book comes with jokes, fill-ins, doodles, and even a whoopee cushion to inspire the more mischievous reader.


Timeline Science: Dinosaurs

Get ready to experience over 165 million years of dinosaurs in Timeline Science: Dinosaurs! This kit profiles the ferocious dinosaurs that walked the earth during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. The fun doesn’t stop there—modern dinosaur and fossil discoveries and today’s dinosaur relatives are also included. After reading about these prehistoric giants, kids can unfold the timeline poster, use the included stickers, and then build a T. rex skeleton! Also available: Timeline Science: Smithsonian Space Exploration


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