Celebrate Zoo Lovers Day!

By Silver Dolphin Books on April 5, 2018

Did you know Sunday, April 8th is National Zoo Lovers Day? If your little one is an animal-lover, this is the perfect day to learn all about the amazing animals that make the zoo so great! We’ve gathered up some educational and fun books to celebrate this day with!

Books for Ages 0-2

My First Animals

Learn your first animals with stylish artwork from Aino-Maija Metsola. With 70 essential words to see and say, plus sturdy pages for little hands to hold, young readers will enjoy naming animals on every spread. My First Animals is a perfect introduction for little learners!

Books for Ages 3 and up

Amazing Animals

From the western gorilla of the African rain forests to the colossal squid that resides deep beneath the sea, animals from every habitat are featured on these pages. A field guide—complete with pencil sketches of each animal—presents the reader with more facts about these creatures.

Books for Ages 5 and Up

Layer by Layer: Into the Wild

Layer by Layer: Into the Wild features six natural habitats presented in a unique interactive format, with multiple layers for readers to peel back so they can follow the progress of the animals through the changing scenes. Along the way, kids will encounter surprises hidden under the layers, hear authentic animal sounds, and learn quick facts.

Discovery Plus: Animal Kingdom

Curious learners are given the chance to dive deeper into the habitats, patterns, and instincts of their favorite animals. Color photographs and detailed illustrations allow children to explore everything from the wilds of the jungle to the depths of the ocean, while tabs, folds, acetates, and wheels make learning a hands-on experience.

Books for Ages 7 and up

Slide and Discover: Animal Atlas

The six sophisticated slide-and-discover windows of this atlas offer a comprehensive view of the world’s animals, continent by continent. Beautifully illustrated and full of facts alongside stunning wildlife photographs, this book allows you to explore the amazing diversity of living creatures that inhabit different regions.

Books for Ages 8 and Up

The Magnificent Book of Animals

The Magnificent Book of Animals features oversized pages with detailed full-color illustrations of 36 of the world’s most majestic mammals, including giant pandas, African elephants, polar bears, and ring-tailed lemurs. Concise facts highlight each animal’s unique behaviors and abilities, and fact boxes allow the reader to compare each animal’s size, habitat, life span, and diet.


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