Dinosaur Book Roundup

By Silver Dolphin Books on July 23, 2018

If your little one loves dinosaurs, then these titles are sure to be a hit! Get ready to take a journey back in time and experience life among the dinosaurs. Children of all ages can learn all about these magnificent prehistoric creatures in a variety of different formats. We’ve got board books, search-and-find books, educational fact books, and even kits to build your very own T. rex!
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Books for Ages 0-2

Pat-a-Cake: Dinosaurs

Get ready to make new dino friends in this fun touch and feel book! In Pat-a-Cake: Dinosaurs, young children will join Trixie the Triceratops, Suzy the Stegosaurus, and more while they explore the pages for tactile touch and feel elements. With simple text, a variety of textures, and colorful illustrations, youngsters will love this hands-on board book!

Books for Ages 3 and up

Search and Find: Dinosaurs

In Search and Find: Dinosaurs, each busy foldout scene is filled with silly and unexpected things to find—along with your favorite dinosaurs! Each colorful spread includes a key with amusing items to find in each scene. Whether it’s in the sky, in a swamp, or near an erupting volcano, kids will be entertained looking for each item included on the key—along with all of the other characters and objects that fill the scenes!

Ten Tiny Dinosaurs

Can you hear that roaring and the stomp of little legs? Ten tiny, daring dinosaurs have just hatched from their eggs! Follow along with these adorable die-cut dinosaurs as they run and play in this interactive board book. With fun rhyming text and colorful illustrations, this book is perfect for little ones who love dinosaurs!

Smithsonian Reader Level 2: Dinosaur Discoveries

Smithsonian Reader Level 2: Dinosaur Discoveries provides accessible and engaging content designed to encourage further progress in children’s reading abilities. From the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex to the soaring Pterodactyl, children will learn about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures while building reading skills with the carefully designed leveling structure.

The Smithsonian name and logo are registered trademarks of the Smithsonian Institution.

Books for Ages 5 and up

Animal Adventures: Dinosaurs

Animal Adventures: Dinosaurs will take you on a journey to explore the world of dinosaurs. Have fun while learning and see all of your favorites like you never have before, with colorful illustrations and fascinating facts, and then by building a diorama. Everything you need to delve into the world of dinos is right here.

Smithsonian Sticker Creations: Dinosaurs

This 64-page activity book comes with 5 oversized dimensional stickers and more than 175 reusable stickers, providing children with a unique and interactive learning experience. After reading about their favorite dinosaurs, children can place the colorful stickers in the removable frame to create their own prehistoric scene.

The Smithsonian name and logo are registered trademarks of the Smithsonian Institution.

Discovery Plus: Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures

Aspiring archaeologists will love this trip back in time as they learn about the anatomy, instincts, and habitats of the massive reptiles that used to walk the Earth. Detailed illustrations and color photographs—combined with tabs, folds, acetates, and wheels—bring the dinosaurs to life as curious children learn from this interactive book.

Books for Ages 6 and Up

Build the T. Rex

Build the T. Rex will take you back into the Mesozoic era to discover the mysterious age of the dinosaurs. Have fun while learning, and see the T. rex like never before, with colorful illustrations, fascinating facts about dinosaurs, and by building your very own T. rex skeleton.

Trailblazers: Dinosaur Explorers

Unearth prehistoric wonders alongside famous paleontologists and archaeologists that paved the way for dinosaur discoveries in this 64-page adventure! After following dinosaurs throughout the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods and learning about how they lived, readers can hunt for a hidden button in the book to open a secret drawer! What’s inside? That’s for the dinosaur explorer to find!

Dinosaur Construction Kit: T. Rex

This dynamite dinosaur construction kit is the perfect gift for young dinosaur enthusiasts. When the book is finished and dinosaur fans have become dinosaur experts, the fun continues and kids can build their own T. rex with the included easy-to-assemble 3-D model. It’s hours of reading, construction, and playtime fun—all in one deluxe package!

Books for Ages 7 and Up

Scanorama: Dinosaurs

Five movable sliders transform illustrated creatures into virtual X-ray scans, revealing their fossilized skeletons. Detailed text, photographs, and illustrations provide insights into how each animal survived in the prehistoric world, and even more facts can be found under the interactive flaps throughout the book.

Books for Ages 8 and Up

The Magnificent Book of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures

The Magnificent Book of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures takes young readers back millions of years to the Age of Dinosaurs, showcasing 36 incredible animals with rich, colorful illustrations and interesting facts. Fact boxes list the location where each animal’s fossils were found, the meaning of its name, its size, and other key characteristics.

Timeline Science: Dinosaurs

This kit profiles the ferocious dinosaurs that walked the earth during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. The fun doesn’t stop there—modern dinosaur and fossil discoveries and today’s dinosaur relatives are also included. After reading about these prehistoric giants, kids can unfold the timeline poster, use the included stickers, and then build a T. rex skeleton!

See Inside the Dinosaur

The innovative and interactive 3-D format allows kids to discover the inner workings of a dinosaur’s body with a transparent model that includes removable bones and organs. The detailed text and full-color illustrations in the 48-page book provide readers with an up-close look at how different types of dinosaurs survived in the prehistoric world. Also included is a stand-up cardboard model that provides the reader with a complete overview of a dinosaur’s body.


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