Parents, we offer six different apps that provide next generation storytelling for your children.

Totally Monster

Totally Monsters FeelingsFar from frightening, the adorable monsters of the Totally Monster series introduce young readers to a variety of everyday situations. Utilizing bright bold colors, fun animations, plenty of interactive play and great audio, the apps provide next generation storytelling for children. Three apps available: Totally Monster Feelings, Totally Monster Best Friends and Totally Monster Manners. Learn more about our Totally Monster apps.

Pretend & Play

icon FFFans love our Pretend & Play interactive books, and we’re excited to launch the apps inspired by these beloved books! These are engaging storytelling apps that reinforce the idea that learning can be fun. Three apps available: Pretend & Play Farm, Pretend & Play Toolbox and Pretend & Play Firefighter. Learn more about our Pretend & Play apps.